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Over the past year I have had many wonderful dinning experiences at this fine restaurant with a weird name! 

The first time I visited, the actual dinning area was full so we sat at the bar.  To my pleasant surprise I believe this is the best place to sit!  I have found the bar area to be the most comfortable with an upscale atmosphere which is often hard to find in Salem.  Service at the bar is superb and the bartender (named Bruce) plays a prominent role in my desire to go back and dine again.  I can't emphasize enough his attention to detail and prompt service you would expect to find in a high end big city restaurant!

For a cold night, be sure and try out the Spanish Coffee.  They are made with care and on par or better then ones you might find at the famous Huber's in Portland.

For a warm summer night, if you are lucky, you can have his special concoction of Sangria made from scratch.


The food has been delicious with my personal favorites being the Pork Shank and the Naan.  The menu changes often not likely to find the same thing every time you go back.  For me, this is a great thing and have been pleasantly surprised.

The only meal I did not like (out of my many great dinners) was a pan seared Ahi Tuna.  It just didn't taste as fresh as I liked.  When asked how my meal was I did let the them know I wasn't totally happy with it.  He proceeded to take it away and get me another dinner without having to complain.  Now that is what I call great service! 

Orupa is located just south of downtown in Salem, Oregon at:

500 Liberty Street Southeast.

They have a wonderful website:



Mon - Thur 11am-2:30pm 4:30pm-9pm
Fri 11am-10pm Sat 4:30pm-10pm
Sun 4:30pm-9pm

(503) 588-3639

Or Find Them on ~ FACEBOOK