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Busick Court

Busick Court use to be one of my all time favorite breakfast places to frequent on a weekend.  I was a regular for sure, ordering from their menu on a seemingly weekly basis.  After years of constant visits, I finally drifted a way a bit and started trying a few other places.  I didn't stop going to Busick Court for any particular reason, but a few new places sprang up that caught my attention.  I also got a little bored of the menu as I had tried about everything on the menu twice.

This last weekend I took the opportunity to go back and try them out again.  The menu hadn't really changed at all from years in the past (hint, hint) but I rediscovered why I liked the restaurant so well in the first place!  The food is great!

There was the usual wait outside in the court yard area and it was a little cold.  (The actual restaurant area is small with limited tables so be prepared to wait during busy times.)  The kids kept themselves warm by chasing each other around in circles and playing.  I'm glad there was room for them to do that as it helped them maintain a calm composure once we finally got a table.

The wait went by quickly and when our turn came up we were lucky and were seated at a big comfortable table next to the window.  I had forgotten how bright and inviting the restaurant is with the huge windows encompassing almost half the restaurant.  It's a great offset to the old brick walls which add  a sense of sophistication and history.


The waitress gave my kids some crayons and activity paper to color on which was greatly appreciated.  She also took down our drink order.

As we waited to order food, I saw another waitress bringing a delicious looking breakfast to a table next to me. 

When it came time to order, I just asked for whatever the lady at the next table had ordered.  It ended up being the Huevos Rancheros.  My oldest son order one of the kids special which had thick cut bacon, hash browns, eggs, and two pieces of toast.  It was a good deal at only $5.95.  The little one just ordered a pancake (as always!)

The food came out in a reasonable amount of time and everything looked great.  My breakfast was heaped high and covering the plate.  It was also topped with some tasty guacamole.  The eggs were cooked to perfection and the salsa was tasty.  Not spicy-hot but very flavorful.

My oldest sons breakfast from the kids menu ended up being a lot of food and looked delicious as well.  Sometimes, the kids orders don't quite fill him up but this one was sure going to.  He even had left over afterwards.

The pancake ............ all I can say about the pancake, for my youngest, is that it was HUGE!!!  It was hanging over the edges of the plate and was very thick, fluffy and cooked just right.  It was way more then he could eat by himself so we ended up taking half of it home as for the next morning. 

Along the way I had received my mocha latte.  For me, it had just a little too much chocolate but still had a great coffee flavor.  The latte is served in a glass cup which is unique but looked very nice.  If you run out of latte you can usually talk them into filling your cup up with some fresh coffee as they come around.  I've always liked that they do that!  I also like a place I can get my latte with my breakfast.


I will be back again soon as I was very pleased with my order and the kids liked their food as well.  I never really thought of Busick Court as a kid friendly place (because of how small and the wait for table) but with their generous kids menu, crayons, and large outside courtyard waiting area it does work for the kids as well.

We aren't going to wait so long to come back again this time around!


250 Court St.

Salem, OR  97301