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Christo's Pizza


It has been a while since we have visited Christo's Pizza just north of downtown.  It is definitely one of the fancier pizza establishments around Salem.  More along the lines of a date night out than a kids pizza party at Chuck e Cheeses.

I find myself craving to go back as the pizza and calzones are delicious.  The hours are somewhat limited for me as they close during the week at 9:00 pm I believe.  Others have experienced less then desirable service as closing time approaches so I have avoided going there late at all cost.  I have heard that 9:00 closing means doors locked and everyone out at that time!

My personal experience with service earlier in evening has been great!  I have viewed many happy people dinning, drinking wine or micro brew, and having a great time.  Food always smells wonderful but can take a little time to receive.  I love the atmosphere so don't mind waiting a while for some great pizza.  Just don't expect to make a quick stop and be on your way.


When we can venture back that way early enough I will write a full review.  Just need to find a night I can head that way by 7:30 or so. 

Can't wait!

(503) 371-2892

1108 Broadway St NE
Salem, OR 97301