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F / Stop

Fitzgerald's Public House

3/7/2012 ~ If you haven't heard of F / Stop Fitzgerald's please don't feel bad.  It is one of Salem's best kept secrets for a local hangout with a large selection and ever changing variety of obscure micro-brews on tap.  You won't find any hard alcohol or mixed drinks here, only great local micro brews and wine.  They choose to limit the selection to beer and wine to ensure an environment  more akin to a relaxed crowd of friends hanging out at the house.  And, as you walk through the front door, that is exactly the feeling you will get.

They offer a small selection of simple food but don't appear to offer a full dinner menu.

The Public House is in fact located in a two story house in the middle of a residential neighborhood.


Just about halfway between downtown Salem and the start of Keizer, it resides on Grove St. NE between Commercial St. and Liberty St.

Once you find the brew pub, you won't be disappointed.  A warm inviting atmosphere where everyone seems to chat with each other and become friends no matter if they knew each other for years or just met that night.

A hot fire burning outside gives one the feeling of being on a special camping trip with friends and family.  It also fills the air with a sweet sent of cedar which can be enjoyed inside as well as out. 

Don't be surprised to see people enjoying many of the different card games and board games that are there for the trying.  You may also be asked to join in and play by a local patron if you look bored.  They also feature some live music and have screenings of films upstairs.  Be sure and check their SCHEDULE of events on their website.  And if you want to see what's going on without driving down, they do have THE f / CAM.


If you are in the mood to relax, meet a friend, make some new friends, or just hang out around a fire then be sure and check out F/ Stop!

They have lots of info on their WEBSITE:




335 Grove St. NE

Salem, Or  97301