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French Press

~ Coffee and Crepes ~

March, 2012 ~ Truly amazing and unique, French Press Roasters is a place you must check out!

Walking up and through the front door my first impressions were fancy, fancy, fancy.  Well decorated with rich colors and lots of flare.  Attention to details everywhere.

The place was packed and appeared to be popular.  Most people walking up to the counter seemed to already know what to order.  I starred at the menu for a minute wondering what to get.  It all sounded good, but different.  Most breakfasts were being offered on Crepes which sounded intriguing.  Of course I have had the usual sweet fruit crepes at other places but just never a "breakfast burrito" version.

When my turn at the counter came up, I was greeted by a very friendly barista.  I let her know I hadn't been there before and she recommended the chorizo breakfast crepe if I liked spicy food.  It sounded great so went with it and a mocha.

The coffee came out first, of course, and tasted delicious.  Very strong flavor and just the right amount of foam.  Temperature was perfect as wasn't scalding hot or cold.

The food was served quickly and she brought it right to my table.  It looked amazing!  Served on a fancy plate and covered with chunks of fresh tomatoes and a spicy green sauce.  Portion was much larger than I expected and enough to fill me up for sure.


The crepe was warm, soft and delicious!  It went well with the eggs, cheese, and warm sausage inside.  Much better than I ever dreamed it could be and would now prefer the crepe over a standard breakfast burrito any day.

As I finished eating the manager came over and talked with me for a minute.  He was very friendly and seemed proud of the restaurant and pleased when I told him how much I enjoyed the food.  I begged him to start another location in the Keizer area and he said there may be talks about it.  I will keep my fingers crossed for sure!

I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed this restaurant.  I have driven by many times but never given them a chance.  It is now up on the top of my list for a place where I can get a great latte along with an exceptional breakfast.

They also had several offerings of sweet baked goods as well.  There is a large outside area for seating which would be great on a warm day.  If you don't feel like getting out of your car or are in a hurry, you can call ahead and take advantage of their drive up window.

Be sure and check them out.  I have a feeling you will be glad you did.

They have a great website with their full menu online:




located South Salem, Oregon at:
2725 Commercial St. SE,
Salem OR 97302



Find them on: