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Los Dos Amigos

3/2/12 ~ Someone has had some serious craving for chips and salsa lately so we ventured out for Mexican food tonight.  Close by is a restaurant which I often pass but until recently had never stopped in.  On a whim, a few months back, we ventured in for a drink and some quick dinner and had a great time.

Tonight was no different than our last venture at Los Dos Amigos.  Atmosphere was great and service was outstanding!  Food was great as well and really hit the spot.


I'm still not sure how they do it, but had the best Cadillac Margarita that I have ever found anywhere and it was only $7.50 (on special I think?).  Mucho props to the bartender who has always been spot on the few times we have ventured in.

We ended up sharing a "Macho Combination" which gave us a choice of our top three picks off a list of entree's.

All the food came out warm, tasty, and well timed.  They even offered and brought us more chips & salsa which was great since that is what brought us out in the first place.  Total meal with one large and tasty margarita ended up only costing $22.10 and it was more than enough food to fill us both up and then some!  

I will definitely be back soon but not sure for what?  Maybe the great food, great service, great drinks, great atmosphere, or ???  I guess I will just be back for the total great package!


3140 Lancaster Drive NE,

Salem, OR  97305