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Macleay Country Inn

3/3/2012 ~ Oh Macleay Inn ...............  what can I say about ya?  We got a love/hate relationship going on right now.  I keep coming back for more because I like you so why you got to treat me so bad?

I've had some really great meals in the past at Macleay Inn and also some great service.  I have also had about the worst experience of my life there and walked out of the restaurant steaming mad!!!

Tonight's dinner was a mixed bag again leaving me feeling very confused.  I don't really want to go back but I'm sure I will, someday, maybe.  What a dilemma.

The night started off with the restaurant being very busy.  It was a Saturday night so expected.  A lively crowd of local folks made for a cheery atmosphere.  They all seemed to know each other, smiling, chatting, and enjoying the evening.  The dinner area had it's usual comfortable and attractive lure that gets me every time. A very unique place to say the least.

We sat down at a table meant for more people then the two of us because it was pretty much the last one available.  We were quickly corrected of our mistake and directly to sit at a very small table which had just gotten cleaned after we arrived.  I really didn't mind moving because they were short on room but it was just done in a very awkward and rude manner of which I'm not accustomed to.

The service was extremely slow but to their credit it was busy and they appeared to only have two servers and one bartender.  It is also a place to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere anyway.  With that said, the service was very slow.

We got our salads and they came out about the best we have every received at Macleay.  They must use bagged lettuce and previously it had been served very brown (almost rotten).  Today it was actually green in color which was a good thing!  (We also utilized our little trick ~ to ask them to mix a little bit of spinach in with the iceberg to dress it up a bit and give it some green color.  It really helps).


Another long wait after finishing our salads, and then we were informed that they were out of the mashed potatoes which we both had ordered as our sides.  We were told our only option was either a bake potato or fries.  I had really been craving the garlic mash as ordered but went with the fries.  I just really didn't want a baker tonight and had no other option.  My lady went with the baked potato.

When our Bourbon Flat Iron Steaks finally arrived they were well presented and I had a heaping pile of fries.  In the past the Bourbon sauce has been amazing and is the main reason we keep going back.

Tonight it was just ok.  The sauce was a little watered down and not near as flavorful as normal.  I was very disappointed.  The steak was tender though and still good.  Just not as great as normal. 

For me, I would rate the Atmosphere an "A", the Service a "C - or D", Cleanliness a "B-", and the Food anywhere between an "A+" and a "F-".  I know its confusing but that's how I'm left feeling after eating here every time.  Love it and Hate it.  So confused!

PS:  Don't even think about going to Macleay late for dinner.  The worst experience we ever had at the Inn was when we called out to find out how late they were serving dinner on a Tuesday night.  They gave us a time and we put on our shoes and  rushed strait out there.  It was about a 15 minute drive and we arrived 35 minutes before the cutoff time we had just been given.  As we walked in the door and looked for a seat the cook switched the kitchen light off.  We asked the waitress (same person we had talked on the phone with only 20 minutes previous) if we could still get dinner and she told us "NO".  We informed her that we had just called and talked with her 20 minutes ago and she let us know that they decided to close the kitchen early cause they weren't very busy????  I let her know that we had drove 15 minutes just to get dinner there but she was not sympathetic at all!  This was the last time we had gone there until tonight.  Probably won't be back for awhile ~ if ever.  Well .......  maybe one more try?



8362 Macleay Road SE . Salem Oregon 97301