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Marco Polo Global


3/7/2012 ~ For a long time I have been hearing about how great Marco Polo Global Restaurant is.  I had drove by often but never ventured in.  Always thinking that someday I should give them a try.

Tonight that someday finally came!  At last we had the opportunity to go try it out.  I really didn't know what to expect as we walked through the door.  I had been told that they serve a wide variety of food but was no way near prepared for the three separate menus I was presented with.  We were seated in a very nice window booth.  There was an Asian, European, and Vegetarian menu to choose from.  Each one was quite extensive many many offerings even including lots of great seafood dishes.

The decor was nice and the atmosphere good.  Our table was decorated with a thick deep-red table cloth which added a sense of elegance to the meal.  We started with some tea and an order of the "Appetizer Combination."

The service was great with the server being very professional and attentive without being annoying.  This seems to be a gift that is not easily learned by everyone.


The tea was delicious.  I know, it's just the house tea but it was dark, rich, and flavorful and really didn't need to be sweetened to taste superb!

The appetizer came out quickly and was very tasty as well.  Everything was very fresh tasting including the shrimp which was not fishy at all.  We were given a couple dishes of sauce to add more flavor.

Our dinner order of General Tso's Chicken came out quickly as well, even before we finished the appetizer.  I was surprised by how large the pieces of chicken were.  Much different than the little chunks normally offered at some Chinese establishments.  These  pieces looked more like breast of chicken!

The food was good and the large chunks of chicken and sauce went well with the white rice.  Even though we shared one dinner order and one appetizer there was still plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I will defiantly be back to Marco Polo again soon.  They have so many offerings to choose from it's like 100 restaurants in 1!  With three separate menus, there should be something for everyone to choose from!

Enjoy a Global Food Trek just south of downtown Salem, soon!




300 Liberty St. SE Salem, OR 97301

PHONE/ FAX: (503) 364-4833


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