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Markum Inn


Located along the scenic Hwy. 213 (Cascade Hwy.) in Marquam, OR is a little rustic restaurant called Markum Inn.  You will find it somewhere between Silverton, Or. and Oregon City, right off the picturesque back highway (which is a nice shortcut between Salem and I-205, and / or Portland.)

"Markum Inn offers steaks and grilled foods in Marquam, OR. We offer a family friendly atmosphere and delectable food guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. From steaks to burgers, you can be assured we only serve the freshest and juiciest meat available in Oregon. We also offer full catering and BBQ services."

When you approach the restaurant, don't be expecting anything fancy or stuffy.  It is more like a step back to the olden days in a little eastern Oregon town.  In fact, as you walk through the door you will be greeted by many old western style pictures, antiques, and memorabilia.

As you settle in and find your table, it will be easy to feel right at home.  In fact, the kitchen is just off to the side of the dinning area and you can probably even watch them prepare your food, almost like being in someone's kitchen.

Service was great and they seem to work hard to keep the orders moving.  Our waitress was friendly, happy, and attentive.


The best part about Markum Inn is the food, along the great priced specials they offer!  Be prepared for large portions at reasonable prices.

I tried the Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and it even included a salad. The salad was good, being a basic large helping of fresh green lettuce.  The Chicken Fried Steak tasted really great and was very tender and easy to cut.  I'm not sure how they went about making it but the Fried Steak tasted extra special compared to many other restaurants I have tried.  It had that "prepared at home" flavor and definitely didn't taste like it came from a frozen patty.


We also ordered one of their specials which was a loaded burger that was priced at only $9 and some change.  It normally included fries, but we asked if they could substitute mashed potatoes and gravy which they did at no extra charge.  The burger was HUGE to say the least and was astonishing to look at when served!  It could have easily fed a couple or more hungry people.  It seemed to have everything on it and included some thick slices of pineapple and thick cut bacon which was delicious.  The hamburger meat tasted very fresh and like something you would receive from a true butcher shop.  Definitely not a frozen patty either.  The bun was even prepared with extra effort as it was toasted to perfection (a really special tasty touch!).

We will definitely frequent the Markum Inn again soon and try some more of their specials or maybe even a steak.  They also had some great looking desserts but we were way too full to try them.  Here is a link to their MENU.

They also have a bar area for those of you looking for a rustic western place to have a drink!


36903 S Hwy 213
Marquam, OR 97362


Phone Number: