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MLC Exotic Class III



One of my favorite stops to make (if I can manage a little time and $$$$) is to Mick's shop known as MLC Exotic Class III!

Whether you are looking for a pistol, hunting rifle, ammunition, or a full fledged machine gun; MLC is the shop to check out.  Mick really specializes in unique firearms of collector value and also select fire machine guns, suppressors,  and the like.  He is very knowledgeable and always seems to surprise me with a unique gun or two that you are not likely to find on the shelf anywhere else!

Mick seems to read my mind of knowing which guns I'm interested in and producing them out of thin air.  Every time I have been in the shop and happened to ask .......... "Do you know where I can get a _________? (fill in super obscure rife from the 70's or 80's)" he'll run in the back and come out with rifle in hand!

His inventory is much deeper than what he keeps on the shelves so don't be afraid to ask.  Also if the shop doesn't personally have what you are looking for in stock, he probably knows someone who does and will work the deal.


Prices can vary and have heard a few complaints about them not being the cheapest around or giving the most money for trade-ins.  I personally have received some great deals from the store and probably paid a little extra a few times as well.  I do feel like I have always received a reasonable deal and been happy with every purchase I have made from MLC.  Keep in mind that it is a business and Mick has to make a few bucks to keep the doors opens.  MLC offers a great service of having extremely unique guns readily available so you don't have to spend years looking for them or ship from out of state.

He has always been very honest to deal with, in my experience, and very knowledgeable as well.  To me that is worth a few extra dollars and I am glad there is still a shop like MLC around!      

It can be a little hard to find and is located in a group of small businesses somewhat behind K-Mart and off Mission St. on 25th.  Head towards the airport and drive in behind Work And Wear.  Well worth the extra time to find!

MLC Exotic Class III‎
1997 25th St SE
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 370-8900


Hours are ~ Tuesday - Friday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday   10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed: Sunday & Monday

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