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The Original Pancake House

March, 2012 ~  The Original Pancake House has three (maybe 6?) separate locations with two being in Salem and one in Bend, Oregon.  I have frequented the one located on Portland Rd. for the most part but have tried the location in South Salem as well.  I have never been to the one in Bend.

For me, it has been a great pick as a place I can go with the kids.  The restaurant seems to be kid ~ family friendly and even have some etch-a-sketch type games to help keep the little ones occupied (very smart of them.)

Service has always been great and they will keep bringing you coffee until you throw in the towel!  The environment inside is bright and clean with some old collector plates decorating the room.  They even have a fireplace to warm you up on the cold winter mornings.

The food taste great and you can count on it always being what you expected.  I'm not sure how they turn out such carbon copy orders from visit to visit.  They always look and taste exactly the same even if you haven't been back for some time.  This may be good for people that prefer to get what they expect instead of an ever changing menu.

Today I had the Ham and Cheese omelet and chose the hash browns as my side.  The other options were pancakes or toast.  (You only have the option of one side unlike many other places which offer two.)  The omelets are unique in the fact that the egg portion is light and fluffy and unlike any other omelet I have had before.  I still haven't figured out their secret but it is something I can never replicate at home.  The omelet was huge and the portion of hash browns took up an entire plate by itself!  The hash browns were big chucky home-style type and tasty. 

The one Kiddo had the Chocolate Chip Pancakes which was a huge order.  It actually filled up his seemingly bottomless pit which is rare.  The pancakes looked great and were perfectly stacked and presented in such a way that almost looked too good to eat!  The kids also ordered a hot chocolate and a chocolate milk.  My youngest refused to order any food and said he "would only eat pancakes from home or McDonalds!"  He has very sophisticated and selective taste buds!

The server, named Tara, was extremely good.  I believed she was smiling every time I saw her and made us feel right at home.  I was very surprised to find, out after talking with her for a bit, that she had just started as a waitress.  I never would have known from how professional and attentive she ways.

To sum it up, if you haven't tried them out then you should.  They have good food and you will always get what you expect prepared perfectly.  The service is great and if you love coffee you will leave totally filled with great tasting deep roasted goodness.  My main complaint is that it is a little higher priced than some other places around town.  Not terribly bad but not a budget place either.  Another annoyance is that if you desire a variety (bacon, hash browns, and toast as your side for example) you are going to have to pay to get it.  The portions and large so if there are a few of you and you don't mind sharing then you could just order different sides and split them.

It is a kid friendly place and they can also accommodate larger groups as well.

Hours are 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM daily



1025 Donovan S.W.
Bend, Oregon 97702
782 East Broadway Ave.
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Portland 8601 S.W 24th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97219
3030 SW 6th Street
Redmond, Oregon 97756
4656 Commercial Street S.E.
Salem, Oregon 97302
4685 North Portland Road N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97305


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