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RC ~ Plus

We were in the area so the kids and I ventured into RC Plus Hobby & Bike store.  It is located a short distance off of Mission St. and on 25th Ave. in Salem (behind Work N Wear.)


If you haven't been into their store yet, you will be surprised upon entering.  This is a large (especially for Salem) Hobby store with a huge stock of Rc cars & Trucks, parts, chargers, and the like.  When you first walk in you will be greeted by the sight of a racetrack that they run regular races on.  The store will even let you run your own cars on the track (free of charge I believe) during non race hours.  There is even a rock crawling obstacle course to try out in the store as well (very back right hand section ~ easy to miss.)    They also have a selection of bicycles as well.

As we walked in the store and past the counter, we were quickly greeted by one of the sales associate.  He asked if we needed any help and my son quickly responded that he would love to have one of the RC trucks that they were racing on the track.  Unexpectedly, he offered for my son to try out one of their demos and explained that he had just taken a brand new Lossi rock crawler out of the box and we could try it out!  Of course my son excitedly said "YES" and we were directly to an awesome looking rock crawling obstacle course set up in the back corner of the shop.

It was a lot of fun to watch the truck crawl up the extremely steep grade at slow speeds and then over the bridge and back down.  He had a lot of fun and was (of course) begging to purchase a truck on the way out.  We were told that a starter race car for him would run around $129  which doesn't sound like a bad price since he could go down and practice with it for free.

RC Plus is very heavily slanted towards the cars and trucks so it is a little different than your "normal" hobby store.  They have a lot of clientele that are "big kids" (otherwise know as adults) and therefore carry some higher end products along with the starter models.  They do have a few RC helicopters, boats, and airplanes in stock as well but not as large a selection as the cars.  They are willing to quickly order items that aren't normally in stock and have offered to do this for me in the past.  Lots of info is available on their website along with race schedule.  


1685 25th St. SE

Salem, Or  97302








Monday ~ Friday    11:00 to 6:00

Saturday    10:00 to 6:00

(Tues. open till 9:00 pm)