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Trader Joe's

"Thank you Trader Joe's for coming to Salem!  Your store is bright, beautiful, and welcoming.  You carry some great & unique products along with a value packed wine selection.  I only wish (for selfish reasons) you were located on the other side of town in Keizer area instead of South Salem.  Oh well, it's worth the drive and I'm happy I don't have to make a trip to Portland just to enjoy your store."   

I had frequented the Trader Joe's in Lake Oswego area a few times and also one down In the San Francisco bay area as well.

When I heard they were coming to the Salem area it was great news.  They have an unusual selection of fresh organic grown produce, as well as many other unique products.  The wine selection is endless and well priced with some bottles (such as their own label) being extremely great values.  They also have knowledgeable staff to help out with the selection and wine tasting in the afternoon.  If you are like me and stare endlessly at the bottles but have no clue what to pick, this is a great thing!

When I entered the front door I was greeted by a bright red sign welcoming me to their store.  The staff was very friendly and everyone greeted me with a smile.  They seemed to truly love their jobs or maybe it was just the burst of sunshine we finally received outside.  Either way, they all seem happy and I left the store feeling welcomed and appreciated.


Everything was clean and well organized.  Labels everywhere, so locating the items you desire is made easy.


I didn't have much time to really shop so just picked up two bottles of the recommended red wine and will try at a later date.  One bottle was very cheap at only $4.99 and was actually made with organically grown grapes!  I'm very curious how drinkable it is and hoping for the best.  I'll update my thoughts when I have the opportunity to sample it.


Hours are 8:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM Daily.



4450 Commercial St.

Salem, OR  97302

Phone: 503.378.9042