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Word of Mouth Bistro

3/4/2012 ~ We had the privilege and honor of getting some great Sunday morning comfort food at Word Of Mouth Bistro today!  I have been there several times in the past and always had great food and service.

Today everything was just as good or better than expected!  Oh ya, there was the usual 30 minute wait for a table but sometimes you have to wait a bit for something this good.

Even the wait on the porch was enjoyable, as lots of people were enjoying Bloody Mary's and coffee while engage in deep conversations.  The mood was light and fun and a great part of the whole experience.

There were several groups of people who, as they approached, were politely told how long the wait was by the hostess.  They seemed mad about the wait and left, but I know they missed out on a great experience and food.  I decided if they were in such a rush, we didn't need them messing up the great vibe The Word offers anyway.

We were actually seated in a reasonable amount of time (I think they always overestimate the wait time and error on the side of caution.)  At least two of the waitresses recognized us and welcomed us with a "Hi" and a smile.  This is great since we are no where near a "regulars" status!

They took our drink orders right away and we had coffee and waters before I could blink my eyes.

One thing to keep in mind about Word of Mouth is that the service is so outstanding and quick that it offsets the wait time for a table.  Overall time ends up being about the same as other places I have tried with ready tables and slow service.


On a whim I decided to try the Bloody Mary after watching everyone else enjoying them during the wait for a table.  They all were raving about how great they were, so I couldn't resist!  Now please keep in mind that I can't stomach tomato or V-8 type juices so have never ordered one previously in my whole life.  The waitress asked how I liked it and she suggested spicy so went with that.  When it was served to the table it looked beautiful and tasty and well presented.  I starred at the drink for a few minutes, snapped a pic, and then thought to myself "It's Time".

I tried to convince myself it was all in my mind about the tomato juice and I would love it.  As I put the straw to my mouth and took a big swig, It was all I could do to not spit it back out.  All these childhood memories of my parents making me drink V-8 juice (they thought it was the best thing in the world) as a kid came rushing back.  I thought I was going to hurl!  I pushed the drink aside and gulped down some water and coffee to get my taste buds back to normal.  I'm sure if you like Bloody Mary's that these are the bomb.  Just not for me!

The waitress soon brought my order of the "Plate of Love" (corned beef hash, Crème Brulee French Toast, and eggs).  She asked if the drink was ok and I explained the situation of me going out of my comfort zone and not liking it.  I told her it was no way their fault.  She proceeded to take the drink away and actually took it off my tab.  This goes way beyond great customer service and into a whole new realm of awesomeness, and is why I will come back soon!

The food looked great as always and I dove in.  It was served on a big plate and is a lot of filling food.  Everything was hot and of proper temp.  The corned beef hash tasted excellent and comforting as always, and the French Toast is a one-of-a-kind addicting creation that no words could describe how great it taste!  A true melt in you mouth unworldly gooey goodness!  I quickly devoured my food and some more coffee.  I don't recall my coffee cup ever getting less then half full the whole meal which is surprising because I can drink a lot of coffee.  They must have refilled it on 3 minute intervals or less!

In a nutshell, I will be back often to the Word of Mouth Bistro.  I will wait the 15 to 30 minutes (if there during busy time) for a table and will enjoy the company of other happy patrons while I wait.  I will NOT get the Bloody Mary ever again anywhere, no matter how great they look! (again, not the fault of the restaurant as they must make 'em good).

On a side note, they now have a small upstairs section (see pic below) and I went up there to take a look.  I was very surprised as it was cute and bright with lots of windows.  Great view and quiet, with only two tables.  If you have the right size group, it would be great to request to sit up there.

Check them out if you haven't and wait for the table.  Enjoy a Bloody Mary, coffee, or ? while you wait.  Be patient, and you will glad that you did!        




 140 17th St. NE, Salem, OR 97301 · 
Phone 503.930.4285
Website http://wordofsalem.com
Hours Mon - Sun: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

NOTE ON PARKING ~  Parking in the true "Word of Mouth" parking lot is extremely tight and limited, especially if you drive a big rig!  You may want to double check with hostess, but I have been told that parking across the street behind King Donuts is OK.  I usually park around the block in the residential neighborhood and is a very short walk back and also easier then fighting the lot or crossing the street.  I have been told DO NOT park in the dry cleaners parking lot or in front of Tattoo shop or you WILL GET TOWED!!!